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Art to the Heart: Main Plaza

In 2008 the City of San Antonio renovated and redeveloped the Main Plaza in the heart of the city. At that time the Main Plaza Conservancy was founded to manage the plaza and the kiosk concessions.  I was selected as only the second artist and the first photographer to display my work on the kiosk. The Conservancy selected twelve of my images from the portfolio "Ordered Kingdoms" to be featured on the kiosk. The first 6 images were unveiled to the public in November of 2010 and the remaining six will replace those in February 2012. 
Originally produced as a series of silver gelatin 11 X 14 inch photographs, the images were enlarged to 10 X 10 foot prints and installed on three sides of the two kiosk structures.  The subjects are insects and other biological specimens in constructed environments.   The photographs are like dioramas with collage imagery of architectural and mechanical drawings that highlight the beauty of the commonplace objects as timeless and enigmatic worlds and questions our desire to control nature. You may view the entire “Ordered Kingdoms” portfolio on my Artwork page.
Main Plaza is located in the heart of downtown San Antonio adjacent to the historic San Fernando Cathedral and Riverwalk.  San Antonio has such a rich heritage of art and culture.  It is truly an honor to have my work displayed within such prominence.  How fortunate to be associated with Main Plaza Conservancy  that supports local artists by creating public spaces such as these kiosks, that can serve as an artist canvas for public art display.
Carra Garza 

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