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Transformations are a series of mixed media photography celebrating the fragments of the larger existence of nature and the environment. Photographing nature from a more intimate perspective, allows a degree of familiarity, personal involvement and emotional interpretation. The dramatic formality of line and light; the tension of shape and pattern are subjective tools for creative expression.  

Each image began as a traditional black and white photograph captured with a plastic Diana camera. Once printed, the images are then reimagined through an encaustic process. Layers of wax, oil stick, pastel, transfer and collage are employed as metaphors: symbols of the change and unpredictability that occurs as the evolving land journeys through a continuous passage of seasons and time. With these Intimate scenes, I ask the viewer to reconsider the natural world around them and seek the sublime that lies just beyond the doorstep.
Carra Garza
October 2015